The Arkansas Diamond Amateur Radio Club

George Martin

George Martin, KC5RED, is now a silent key. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. He was a founding member of the Arkansas Diamond Amateur Radio Club, and will be missed by all.

Here is a link to his obituary at Harris Funeral Home:

KC5REd Obituary

Field Day 2017

The club decided at our last meeting to have field day at the Morrilton Fire Station, located at 1700 E. Harding Street, right beside Colton's and in front of the hospital. We have placed a few pulleys on the towers and trees to make rigging up our antennas easier. We hope to see everyone there starting around 11am.

Field Day is a great chance for everyone to talk on the radio, but especially for Techs to use the HF bands. Even if you aren't a member of the Arkansas Diamond Amateur Radio Club, we would still be very excited for you to join us. There will be VEs there that day if prospective hams are wanting to test/upgrade.

Here is a photo of the pulleys being installed, special thanks to those at the Morrilton Fire Department for all their help.

Looking To Start Melting Some Solder?

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About Our Club

We meet the 2nd tuesday of every quarter starting in Janunary/April/July/October at the Conway County Office of Emergency Managment in Morrilton AR at 117 North Division Street. We are about 50 members strong but are always looking for new members. Check out our newsletter for extra information about the club and it's current events.

What is Ham Radio?

Curious about ham radio? Ever wanted to talk to people thousands of miles away with less transmitted electricity than it takes to power a common light bulb? Or maybe your a CBer looking to go lugit, whatever the case may be, the ADARC would love to help get you into the hobby!

Field Day 2016

Latest Newsletter

Next meeting is:
July 11th 2017, 6pm.

Club Call Sign:
Club President:
Roger Alabach KF5SDE
Former President:
Jim Taylor (Ya he's still around) AF5EI
Eric Stricklin AG5EI

Wolverton Mountain Net 444.100+ 114.8 7pm Mondays

ADARC Net Monday Nights 145.450 8pm

N5CG Statewide Net 145.33 114.8 -.600 8pm Tuesdays

Simplex Net 146.51 Thursday at 8 PM

I will keep updating things as time allows me. Soon I hope to have a DX Update available with member logins. Also plan to add more ham radio tools and some other tutorails. I am sorry the changes have been so slow, but I never seem to have as much free time as I would like, and building/maintaining a website is quite a task. That said, I am very greatful for the opportunity!

(Thanks to N0NBH)