The Arkansas Diamond Amateur Radio Club

CCC Event

We are going to set up at the CCC Camp on Petit Jean Mountain starting around 8:30-9:00 on Saturday,August 11th. The event starts at 10, and we will most likely stay until dark. Everyone is invited to come out and enjoy the event. If your not a ham, and you want to see amateur radio in action, don't miss this chance!

K5BOC Memorial Ham Fest

Saturday, October 13th at the Lutheran Camp on Petit Jean Mountain. Simplex is 146.52 on the mountain, and things will get started at 8 am. Door prizes and good fellowship with other hams. Visit the website for more information. See you there!

Website Update
Big Changes!

You'll probably notice the website is styled a little differently, and some changes are being made, to make it more mobile-friendly. This should improve the overall user experience, while still keeping the basic site-mapping and structure the same. I've tried to make everything as user friendly as possible.

Member Logins

This is a work in progress. Members can now login, but many of the features are not fully functional. Custom logbooks that can be used for your own contacts, or for club contacts is just one feature being added. Another is members will be able to post DX updates.

Further Improvement

Keep checking back to see this little website as it grows!

I need your help!

I need help creating a database for the repeaters. If you have a good list of repeaters or would like to help out let me know. Thanks!

Looking To Start Melting Some Solder?

Read through this brief article to learn more about stocking up on electronic components for future projects, buying online tips and a list of parts you may want to consider having around.

About Our Club

We meet the 2nd tuesday of every quarter starting in Janunary/April/July/October at the Conway County Office of Emergency Managment in Morrilton AR at 117 North Division Street. We are about 50 members strong but are always looking for new members. Check out our newsletter for extra information about the club and it's current events.

What is Ham Radio?

Curious about ham radio? Ever wanted to talk to people thousands of miles away with less transmitted electricity than it takes to power a common light bulb? Or maybe your a CBer looking to go lugit, whatever the case may be, the ADARC would love to help get you into the hobby!

Latest Newsletter

Next meeting is:
October 9th 6pm.

Club Call Sign:
Club President:
Roger Alabach KF5SDE
Former President:
Jim Taylor (Ya he's still around) AF5EI
Eric Stricklin AG5EI

Wolverton Mountain Net 444.100+ 114.8 7pm Mondays

ADARC Net Monday Nights 145.450 8pm

N5CG Statewide Net 145.33 114.8 -.600 8pm Tuesdays

Simplex Net 146.51 Thursday at 8 PM

I will keep updating things as time allows me. Soon I hope to have a DX Update available with member logins. Also plan to add more ham radio tools and some other tutorails. I am sorry the changes have been so slow, but I never seem to have as much free time as I would like, and building/maintaining a website is quite a task. That said, I am very greatful for the opportunity!

(Thanks to N0NBH)