The Arkansas Diamond Amateur Radio Club

Field Day 2015

We went up on Petit Jean Mountain and made a good number of contacts, the official count is still out as of this writing. We were a 1A station on generator power, running an Icom 746 Pro and a G5RV antenna about 15 ft in the air.

Our Setup

Jim, AC5RT, in his natural habitat!

Yours truly putting some "fire in the wire."

Stewart Nelson could not be reached for photo, since he was behind the camera.

What About Field Day?

Field Day in the world of ham radio, is a worldwide event, where thousands of amateur radio clubs practice emergency preparation by having a contest. Using solar panels, generators, battery power, mobiles and operating from Emegerncy Response centers are all highly encouraged, but not completely necessary. Field day is a perfect opportunity for interested individuals to take a license exam or just to be around experienced operators. Field Day takes place once a year, in June.