The Arkansas Diamond Amateur Radio Club

Field Day 2016

Field Day 2016 Was Great!

The Club went up to Petit Jean Mountain for Field Day this year and we had an awesome time. We ran 2 transmitters this year, and even worked via a digital mode, (PSK31). Propogation conditions were not as favorable as we would have liked, but we were able to make some good contacts throughout the day. We had some visitors stop by our station too.

Field Day is a chance for new hams to get some experience with the guidance of others, it's also an opportunity for hams to fellowship and as we all know, you never stop learning in this hobby! Going out to the field, running on generator and/or solar power, "making do" with the equipment and weather conditions, is all part of Field Day.

We were a 2A station, also worked some PSK31. A good number of club members were present along with some visistors from other clubs, and some that were interested in becoming a ham or club memeber.